High Reflective Silver Window Film is one of the best performing and most widely used solar control window films. It reduces high levels of incoming solar heat and glare coming in through your glass, which can significantly improve working/living conditions. Can lead to a reduction in air conditioning costs and hence a reduction in energy costs. Creates a more comfortable environment and can reduce tiredness and eyestrain.

Gives an external mirrored appearance to glass which can upgrade the appearance of a building. Offers one-way daytime privacy for security or to screen unsightly areas. Filters out virtually all UV rays, helping to protect fabrics and furnishings. This film is also available combined with a safety film.

• Adding sun control and privacy with aesthetic style
• Two-stage special UV coating for stronger performance in internal and external applications
• Providing comfort by reducing glare and minimizing solar hot spots
• High density of metal coating and various metallic flexibility to meet tenant preferences
• Cooling down the solar heat and giving refreshment with its super clear optical view
• Superior value in cost performance