The very latest protection system to the glass of commercial vehicles, Sunshine Safety and Security window films strengthen standard glass to unbelievable proportions protecting your vehicle and contents from the possibility of theft, vandalism and personal injury to you and the occupants in the event of a vehicle accident.

An optically clear high tensile polyester film with ultra-strong laminating adhesives bonded to your vehicles windows, with glass being the weakest point, you can feel rest assured that Sunshine Security window film will provide you with the very best form of protection available in today’s climate.

We concern Safety

The installation of our safety films to your vehicles glass will give maximum protection in the event of a vehicle accident, protecting the occupants from the effects of flying glass and more importantly serious injury. If the windows should break, the film will lock the glass within the framework preventing glass shards from entering the vehicle and retaining it within the framework, forming a barrier to those inside. 

With our high performance adhesive, the films strongly bonded to your windscreen no bubbling or cracking. The durable film will reduces heat, glare, ultra-violet, resist scratches, provide optical clarity while stay looking smart.