Green Fabric Material

Green Fabric, fabric that save energy, control natural light to the best advantage and contain recycled materials to reduce exposure to chemicals. No chemicals harmful to health and safety of user guarantee of indoor air quality (VOC). Green fabric are fabric certified according to the GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Certification Program for Low Emitting Products.

GREENGUARD Certification affirms that products meet the criteria of the referenced standard and the requirements of the specific certification program. Certification testing is conducted according to a consistent, defined protocol. The testing does not evaluate emissions under usage conditions other than those defined in the protocol and does not address potential environmental impact other than chemical and particle emissions.

The GREENGUARD Environmental Institute (GEI) is an industry independent, third-party certification organization that qualifies products for low chemical emissions. GREENGUARD Certification programs use defined product standards, test methodologies, product sample collection and handling procedures, program application processes and on-going verification procedures. GREENGUARD standards, methods, and procedures are available at